AugmentED Reality (AR) CHalleNge

STTE has designed a VR Challenge for High School Students

To learn and be creative durning this spring break.

Strategic Goals

1. 100% Digital literacy for youth by 2030
2. Increase Percentage of students going into STEAM Fields
3. Entrepreneurship: Number of participants in Innoventure, TechStars, STEAMX

Sun City Challenge

Check Out What Renewable Energy Innovations

High School Students created in Virtual Reality

Teams designed a Historic Landmark, a Smart Neighborhood

and a Solar Star Mountain Tourist Education Center

Helping Students
and Educators

In order to compete on a global scale, the Borderplex Region must continue to support efforts that develop, deploy, and advance educational programs and initiatives focused on harvesting youth entrepreneurship ecosystems and technology comprehension. Support towards these efforts will help prepare the next generation on future opportunities and challenges the economy will face. STTE Foundation is committed to enhancing the regional economy through educational programs, maximizing meaningful partnerships, and embracing family support mechanisms for the next twenty-years.


Our programs, initiatives and summer camps provide middle, high schools and college students the opportunity to learn while solving real-world problems.


We are truly thankful to our many partners for their generous support. STTE would not be able to make a generational impact without the trust and buy-in from our partners. 


Educators are critical influencers that help shape the future and the success of STTE programs and initiatives. At STTE we make it a point to recognize educators for their meaningful work.


Our programs, initiatives and summer camps provide middle, high schools and college students the opportunity to learn while solving real-world problems.


Our board of directors consists of regional leaders both dynamic and passionate about helping drive success through technology education. 


In order to inspire change, you need a progressive team that cares about impacting the future. Take a look inside STTE and who is helping motivate youth.


Steam 2020

STEAM 2020 is the premier STEAM-focused education event of the Borderplex Region. With over ten years of proven experience impacting over 16,500 youth in delivering the STEAM initiative, STTE intends to deploy an engaging, high-impact event with outcomes youth of the next generation can expect. STEAM 2020 will be a vibrant, high-impact event. This year’s theme is coined, “Climate Change Avengers.”

Middle school participants will explore climate change solutions through immersive STEAM education with fun exhibitors and workshops that include Artificial Intelligence, VR, Renewable Energy, Solar Panels Painting, Zero Carbon, Trash Art Show, and E-Sports.

STEAM 2020 will be held April 24th, UTEP Undergraduate Learning Center, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Math Video Challenge

The Math Video Challenge is an online competition in which middle school students work in teams of 4 to create a video that explains the solution to a math problem and demonstrates a real-world application of the math concepts explored in the problem. Unlike typical math competitions, the Math Video Challenge encourages collaboration and allows students to build on their creativity, improve their communication skills and use technology.

View rules here.


March 7 – Registration Deadline

April 4  – Video Submission Deadline

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2018 Youth Impacted
2018 Prizes Awarded to Youth
2019 Youth Impacted
2019 Awarded to Youth

STTE Reports

2019 Q3 Report

2019 Q2 Report

2019 STEAMX Report

Meet our board

With over 20 years of experience in developing ecosystems, Dr. Pallares, Adventure Capitalist is the founding member for the STTE Foundation.

Dr. Beto Pallares


Alysha Swann is a UTEP alumn and Operations Manager at Workforce Solutions Borderplex. Alysha has a proven track record and a passion for serving youth.

Alysha Swann

Board Member

Kathryn Hansen, Arrowhead Center’s Director, has extensive experience in management of programs and in business and technology development. She has managed large technology development contracts for both the private and public sector.

Kathryn Hansen

Board member

Our Team

Joseph Sapien

Executive Director 

Jessica Tarin

Creative Strategist 

Kitxia Juarez

Product Manager 

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