Annual Report

Advancing Our Foundational Journey
Dr. Beto Pallares


Building upon its inaugural year, STTE rose to the occasion in 2019, by increasing the number of students directly impacted by STTE programs from 2,601 in 2018 to 3,465 in 2019.  Moreover, the variety and intensity of programs increased, laying the foundation for programs that can engage students across various aspects of their educational journeys.  These programs are intended to help harness the power of youth entrepreneurship within the Borderplex region and beyond.

An example of one of these programs is the launch of the Unicorn Kids site and the Unicorn Teens App.  It is a new Ed Tech app that focuses on uniting the next generation of innovators with entrepreneurial and educational programs aimed at driving startup creation and solving economic challenges. The app encourages students to post business and entrepreneurship ideas encouraging others to comment and collaborate. It also introduces novel aspects of technology such as augmented reality and a unique take on the venerable Business Model Canvas.  

This past year was also marked by the generosity of past and new financial contributors. We are happy to report that in 2019, financial support increased by $72,498, up from $128,602 in 2018. This support encouraged us to formally apply for stand-alone 501c(3) status, which will continue to mature us as an organization.  

In addition, the contributions strengthened our ability to deliver high quality programs and continue with the 2nd annual education awards wherein 8 educators were recognized.  This past year, our keynote speaker was Alfredo Corchado, Award-winning author and journalist.  Award recipients and attendees were motivated and inspired by Mr. Corchado’s story.

Looking ahead, STTE’s focus is to catapult as a national leader that can rapidly bring creativity and innovation to challenges of harvesting youth entrepreneurship and increasing technology comprehension to increase the educational and employment prospects of youth. We will do this while maximizing meaningful partnerships, embracing family support mechanisms and investing in the youth of this and the next generation.

To learn more about how your school, school district, after school program or corporate engagement office can leverage the creative and measurable STEAM and entrepreneurship endeavors developed by STTE, visit


Beto Pallares, PhD, MBA


Noah Carp STTE Board Member

Noah Carp

Incoming Board Member

Kathryn Hansen

Board Member

Alshya Swann

Board Member

Joseph Sapien

Executive Director


Discover, develop and deploy entrepreneurship and technology education content for middle school, high school, and college students to support a thriving entrepreneurial culture in the Borderplex region.


Become the leading entrepreneurship education partner to public and private middle and secondary schools, after-school clubs, and institutions of higher learning to advance the competitiveness of the Borderplex region.


In order to compete on a global scale, the Borderplex Region must continue to support efforts that develop, deploy, and advance educational programs and initiatives focused on harvesting youth entrepreneurship ecosystems and technology comprehension. Support towards these efforts will help prepare the next generation on future opportunities and challenges the economy will face. STTE Foundation is committed to enhancing the regional economy through educational programs, maximizing meaningful partnerships, and embracing family support mechanisms for the next twenty-years.


Increase number of participants in Innoventure, TechStars, STEAMX


 Increase Percentage of students going into STEAM Fields

Digital Literacy

100% Digital literacy for youth by 2030

Thank you 2019 Partners

STTE Foundation is a non-profit “501 (c)(3)” tax-exempt organization. STTE’s fiscal agent is the Paseo del Norte Charitable Foundation.

The success of STTE and advancing our generational journey depends profoundly on building trust with partners. In 2019, STTE was capable of growing our partnership base with the retention and expansion of new partners joining the STTE brand. We recognize the value our partners bring to the success and value they generate. STTE would like to thank all partners for your continued trust and power they offer to our future.

El paso Electric Community Partnership Program

Programs With a Purpose

STTE continues to design and deploy partner-driven programs with a purpose of shaping our future. Programs impact STTE strategic goals, objectives and industry. We work with partners to identify needs and design innovative programs that support skill development. 



Renewable VR











By the Numbers

STTE increased impact by 864 youth in comparison to the previous year.

Impacted in 2019
2019 Youth Impacted
2018 Youth Impacted

In 2019 STTE was able to double the amount of prizes and cash awarded to youth.

2019 Funds Awarded to Youth
2018 Funds Awarded to Youth

A Platform for Educators

2019 Awardees

  • El Paso Electric Regional Innovator Award, Lauren Curry, New Mexico State University
  • Microsoft Technology Cultivator Award, James Ryan, Frank Macias Elementary, Clint ISD
  • Prudential Math Architect Award, Sergio Estrada, Riverside High School, YISD
  • CREEED Education Leadership Award, Margie Nelson Rodriguez, El Paso Community College
  • Glassell Family Foundation Inspirational Pathway Award, Hector Lugo Nevarez, University of Texas at El Paso
  • STTE Foundation Entrepreneurship Producer Award, Michael Nelson, Fab Labs El Paso
  • Outstanding School Achievement Award, Manuela Gomez, Professor, El Paso Community College, Philosophy Club
  • STEAM Creator Award, Alejandra Galindo, Clint ISD

On November 14, 2019, as the nation continues its unprecedented focus on math, science, technology and entrepreneurship, a coalition of El Pasoans have identified a select group of local educators who are preparing this region’s next generation of professionals to become leaders in the expeditiously evolving technology fields.

These eight educators — stellar performers from campus programs throughout El Paso and Las Cruces — were honored at a banquet on Thursday, November 14th from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Wyndham Hotel in El Paso. This annual platform highlights individuals who are successfully inspiring students with innovative, engaging instruction and experience.

Additionally, the Success Through Technology Education Foundation launched a scholarship by the name of the Estela Casas Education Scholarship Fund. The intention of this scholarship is to allocate funds and reward high school students who wish to create entrepreneurial solutions in the field of health technology.



January 2019 through December 2019

$ 0
2019 Revenue
2019 Revenue
2018 Revenue


$ 0
2019 Expenses
2019 Expenses
2018 Expenses

Fund Balances

General Operating - $126,000
$109,824 87%
STEAM - $13,800
$13,060 97%
Summer Camps - $8,000
$8,000 100%
Robotics - $12,300
$8,200 67%
Sun City Challenge - $41,000
$23,970 58%

Teacher Testimonial

Julieta Banuelas

Fabens High School Teacher

STUDENT Testimonial

Tiffany De Santiago

College Student

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STTE Foundation is a non-profit “501 (c)(3)” tax-exempt organization.