Device Shortage Task Force

STTE Device Shortage Task Force

Community Partners,


After the sudden closure and the uncertainty on a definite timeline to reconvene schools due to COVID-19, over 1,500 students are facing the challenge of not being able to complete their coursework remotely. This digital divide is a pressing concern as it not only affects our region’s ability to remain economically competitive but presents detrimental implications for the academic and professional future of our community. 


The Device Shortage Task Force, consisting of industry professionals across the region, is collectively seeking innovative strategies that swiftly help connect students with laptop devices to alleviate the Borderplex region’s digital divide. Enclosed below are two strategies the taskforce is actively preparing to deploy.


Strategy 1: Company Legacy Refurbish Initiative

Are you a company with an excess of functional laptops that are not being used?

We are planning to refurbish and provide new or used functional laptops with an Intel i3 processors or better to families in need. The task force also has plans to develop and deploy a community app that will connect donors with users. 

Click here to donate device(s)


Strategy 2: Laptop Donation Fund

STTE has set up a dedicated fund with the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation to help fund strategies and purchase devices for students in need. Donations are tax-deductible. Donation page:


If you have any questions or would like to get involved and help the Device Shortage Task Force, please email or call (915) 240-5571.

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