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Teachers did their best, now lets do ours by thanking them!

STTE Teacher Awards

We understand this school year has been a huge challenge for students, parents, and teachers. In a year that has zoomed by, STTE and CREEED are pausing and committing to continue the annual educator recognition initiative that creatively awards teachers for their hard work!

This year’s award ceremony will be hosted virtually and broadcasted on both KVIA (an ABC affiliate) and 


Outstanding School Achievement (sponsored by CREEED)

Math Architect (sponsored by WestStar Bank)

Education Leadership (not available)

Inspirational Pathway

STEAM Creator

Technology Cultivator

Regional Innovator

Entrepreneurship Producer

Thank you!

Proceeds will go towards STTE Foundation general operations that support youth programs and initiatives that prepare for a future career and eventually a talent pipeline for workforce development.

Only a limited number of sponsor packets with full program credit are available. For questions, please call (915) 240-5571.