First Laptop Donation Drive-Thru

STTE gifted laptops, free of charge, to fifteen (15) pre-screened, low-income students from various school districts across the region in an attempt to solve the digital divide difficulties they face in completing their education remotely. The recipients were selected from a pool of 1,400 submissions under the TIES (Technology Initiative Empowering Students) Project.

Success Through Technology Education (STTE) Foundation partnered with Western Technical College for laptop donation drive-thru on Saturday, May 2, 2020, from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

As a non-profit organization devoted to serving the youth and community of El Paso, we are inspired to help students in this trying time. Through the TIES project, STTE has localized students that are experiencing the financial impact of COVID-19. When pertaining to their studies, students without a laptop are faced with the challenge of completing their coursework from home. STTE intends on enabling students to continue their education remotely as well as remove their families of a financial burden. 

About Technology Initiative Empowering Students (TIES) was created and launched by STTE Foundation after COVID-19 with the goal of helping as many students as possible continue remote learning by removing economic barriers. Due to the overwhelming requests and device shortages to purchase, STTE will convene a small task force of ed-tech professionals to come up with innovative strategies such as the development of a custom exchange app and refurbishing laptops. For more information, please visit

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