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Santa Teresa

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Santa Teresa


Sun City Challenge

The Sun City Challenge is a high school virtual reality and 3D printing competition to re-engineer, design, and educate the community on the power of renewable energy. High school teams selected from the three categories to design.

  • Design and retrofit a Historic Landmark or Building
  • Design a Smart Sustainable Neighborhood
  • Design the El Paso Star on the Mountain into a Solar-Powered Education Tourist Center

A EPE Community Partner Program

Instructions for Winning Teams

Winning Teams,

Please fill out a W9
Make sure name and address are correct.

Then fill out the google form
Please list your teacher in the form

IMPORTANT REGARDING EL PASO ELECTRIC SUN CITY CHALLENGE TEAMS: In order to receive your winnings, STTE will need to obtain 3D prints and 3D/Oculus files.

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