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STTE Device Shortage Task Force

Device shortage taskforce

Community Partners,

After the sudden closure and the uncertainty on a definite timeline to reconvene schools due to COVID-19, over 1,500 students are facing the challenge of not being able to complete their coursework remotely. This digital divide is a pressing concern as it not only affects our region’s ability to remain economically competitive but presents detrimental implications for the academic and professional future of our community. 

The Device Shortage Task Force, consisting of industry professionals across the region, is collectively seeking innovative strategies that swiftly help connect students with laptop devices to alleviate the Borderplex region’s digital divide. Enclosed below are two strategies the taskforce is actively preparing to deploy.

Strategy 1: Company Legacy Refurbish Initiative

Are you a company with an excess of functional laptops that are not being used?

We are planning to refurbish and provide new or used functional laptops with an Intel i3 processors or better to families in need. The task force also has plans to develop and deploy a community app that will connect donors with users. 

Click here to donate device(s) https://forms.gle/qGZCUhH4oVWzyBGM7

Strategy 2: Laptop Donation Fund

STTE has set up a dedicated fund with the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation to help fund strategies and purchase devices for students in need. Donations are tax-deductible. Donation page:


If you have any questions or would like to get involved and help the Device Shortage Task Force, please email STTEfoundation@gmail.com or call (915) 240-5571.


 As a non-profit organization devoted to serving the youth and community of El Paso, we are inspired to help students in this trying time. Since launching, TIES has been broadcasted by local news outlets and received over 1,400 submissions, affirming the fact that students are experiencing digital divide difficulties. STTE intends on enabling students to continue their education remotely as well as remove their families of a financial burden. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the strength of our economy, we kindly ask for your contribution to this initiative. Your support will enable students affected in this trying time to continue their studies from home as well as enhance the regional economy. 

PHotos from First laptop Donation Drive-thru

Hardware is limited and will be gifted at the discretion of STTE. 

Questions? Contact Jessica at jessica@sttefoundation.org


Success Through Technology Education Foundation a local non profit focused on building the next wave of innovators through technology and entrepreneurship programs and initiatives.


TIES stands for Technology Initiative Empowering Students and is a project developed and designed in light of the unprecedented circumstances. This initiative focuses on gifting low-income students a laptop in order for them to complete their coursework remotely.


After distributing a survey to various educators and parents from the region, STTE affirmed that students are experiencing issues with lack of computer devices. Students without a laptop are faced with the challenge of completing their coursework from home.


View plans below and chose an amount below. Once you click Donate Now, you will be redirected to the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation. Simply scroll down and fill out the donation form. Thank you.

Our Region Needs Your Help

Mayra is currently experiencing difficulties in family life, she doesn't own a computer, will possible by checking one out from school. Having her own computer will not only help her in her future scholarly endeavors, it will also dramatically decrease the stress of doing her school work.
He had a laptop but it broke beyond repair and now he just has his phone for remote learning. My other two sons have chromebooks issued from school, but juniors and seniors do not get devices.
Student is a senior will dual credit classes at EPCC and does not have a computer she is working from her phone which makes it difficult in some of her assignments. She is top ten percent of her class and doesnt want the fact that she can not see some assignments to affect her grade and bring her down from the top of her class.
Blanca and her family are currently having a hard time finding groceries and their stresses are many. Having her own personal computer would relieve one of her major stresses in her current situation as well as help her in her future scholarly endeavors.