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Unicorn Teens

Success Through Technology Education (STTE) Foundation, with support from partners, is launching Unicorn Teens, a new Ed Tech app that will focus on uniting the next generation of innovators with entrepreneurial and educational programs aimed at driving startup creation and solving economic challenges.

The first educational program Unicorn Teens is launching is Innoventure which was developed by New Mexico State University (NMSU) Arrowhead Center. Innoventure is a series of four mini-business high school competitions held throughout the school year from the region. Competitors will be encouraged to download the app and receive relevant notifications, share innovations, and post comments socially. 

How unicorn Teens Works

Students download the app.
Students Register
Students post, like, and share, comments
Students Complete steps to track their startup progress
Students participate in entrepreneurial programs

Students will exit the application once they complete their business profiles and publish their startup pitch decks on  Angels List.


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