TechFlight Ventures Open AI Hackathon

Are you a developer, creative or entrepreneur at the forefront of innovation, seeking an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your skills and turn visionary ideas into reality? Look no further! TechFlight Ventures invites you to join the cutting-edge Open AI Hackathons, where the bright minds of today meet the industry challenges of tomorrow to craft tech ventures ready for flight.

Event Highlights:

  • Registration Deadline: Hurry, spots are filling fast! Ensure your team is registered by April 20, 2024 and compete April 26-28.
  • Who Can Join: Whether you’re a high school or college student, or a young professional who loves tech innovation and startup culture, this event is for you.
  • Team Dynamics: Gather your squad of 2-5 like-minded innovators, ensuring at least one coding leader among you, and prepare to make your mark in the Borderland.
  • Prizes Galore: From cash awards ranging between $1K to $2K, to exclusive gifts and recognition for outstanding performers, every moment promises excitement and opportunity.

Why Participate?

  • Showcase Your Skills: Demonstrate your coding prowess, problem-solving abilities, and innovative thinking in front of industry leaders.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, potential investors, and mentors who can help elevate your ideas to the next level.
  • Learn and Grow: Participate in workshops, absorb new knowledge, and refine your approach to tech development and entrepreneurship.
  • Recognition and Rewards: Not only do you stand a chance to win substantial cash prizes, but door prizes, startup awards, and the opportunity to be recognized as a top performer in the Code Junkies category await.
TechFlight Ventures

This is more than a hackathon. It’s a launching pad for tomorrow’s tech leaders and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re aiming to disrupt the tech industry or seeking an immersive experience to sharpen your skills, the TechFlight Ventures Open AI Hackathon is where your journey begins.

Are you ready to accept the challenge and take your tech venture to new heights? Join us and transform your innovative ideas into reality. Let’s shape the future of technology, together!

For detailed information and to register your team, visit our website. Let the hacking begin!

Startups Apply

In an exciting development for the El Paso entrepreneurial ecosystem, the Success Through Technology Education (STTE) Foundation, in collaboration with the City of El Paso Economic Development, is proud to announce the opening of applications for the groundbreaking STTE Ventures Program. This initiative is a golden opportunity for El Paso County’s innovative minds to turn their groundbreaking ideas into successful ventures.

What Startups Can Expect:

The STTE Ventures Program is not just another startup incubator. It’s a comprehensive three-phase journey designed to catapult startups to new heights. The program offers:

  • Expert-Led Mentorship: Receive personalized guidance from industry leaders in ideation, market analysis, and securing investments.
  • $5,000 In-Kind Resources: Propel your business forward with essential resources at no cost.
  • Exclusive Access: Stand a chance to showcase your innovation at the Southwest Startup Showdown, the premier startup event for the region’s most promising startups.

Why Apply?

This program is the entrepreneurial pathway to not only refining business models through intensive, industry-leading training but also to enhancing user engagement, unlocking new customer segments, and gaining access to venture capital. It’s more than an incubator; it’s a launchpad for serious growth, revenue boost, and team expansion.

Deadline: Startups must submit their application by April 15, 2024.

Borderland AI Industry Roundtable Recap

In an era where technology continuously reshapes the boundaries of possibility, the recent Borderland AI event, hosted by STTE and Microsoft, marked a significant milestone in the journey towards innovation and economic growth in the Borderplex region. This gathering of minds, not only showcased the transformative power of artificial intelligence but also set the stage for a new chapter of entrepreneurial ecosystem development. Here’s a detailed recap of the event that is already being hailed as a game-changer for local small businesses and startups.

A Morning of Introductions and Insights

The event kicked off at 9:10 AM with warm welcomes by notable figures including J.J. Childress, the Texas Community Manager at Microsoft; Andrea Hutchins, CEO of the El Paso Chamber; and Joseph Sapien, CEO of the STTE Foundation. Their opening remarks set an inspiring tone for the day, emphasizing the collaborative spirit and the collective aim to harness AI for regional advancement.

Demonstrating Practical AI Solutions

By 9:45 AM, the focus shifted to practical AI solutions, with a captivating AI Creative Demo presented by John McMinn and R. Eric Bowers from ABC-7 KVIA. Their demonstration provided tangible examples of AI’s potential to revolutionize marketing and creative industries. Following this, Joseph Sapien showcased STTE’s novel Open AI Hackathon model, illustrating how local developers are already making strides in AI innovation. The session was rounded off with an industry perspective from Frank Spencer III and Nancy Camarena of Aztec Contractors, who shared insights into the real-world applications and benefits of AI in the construction sector.

Engaging Breakout Groups

The morning progressed with attendees dividing into breakout groups, focusing on key sectors such as Education & Renewable Energy, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, and Life Sciences, Community & Social Services. These discussions allowed for deep dives into specific challenges and opportunities for AI integration across different industries, fostering a collaborative environment for idea exchange and problem-solving.

Navigating the AI Landscape

After a brief interlude, the event resumed with an enlightening session by Ian Love, Co-Founder and CTO of Aizen Flow, who navigated the landscape of AI applications and development. His presentation underscored the importance of understanding AI’s capabilities and limitations, providing a roadmap for businesses looking to adopt AI technologies.

A Grand Finale with a Big Announcement

The event culminated with a series of presentations from Microsoft and STTE, highlighting their ongoing and future AI initiatives. The grand finale was the big announcement by Richie Hatch, Co-Founder and CEO of Squadpilot, revealing a groundbreaking partnership with STTE to offer AI services to local small businesses. This collaboration promises to be a leader for innovation, offering unprecedented access to AI technologies for startups and small businesses in the Borderland.

Looking Ahead

The Borderland AI event was more than just a gathering; it was a launchpad for the future of innovation in the Borderplex region. By bringing together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts, STTE has laid the groundwork for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem powered by AI. As we look ahead, the potential for growth and transformation is limitless, with AI at the forefront of driving change.

The partnership between STTE and Squadpilot is particularly exciting, offering a new horizon of opportunities for local businesses to leverage AI in their operations. This initiative is set to revolutionize the way small businesses operate, providing them with the tools to compete on a global stage.

In conclusion, the Borderland AI event has begin the process for technological hackathons in the region. As we move forward, the insights and partnerships formed during this event will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Borderplex region’s economy and its global competitiveness in the tech-driven world.

Stay tuned to STTE’s webpage for more updates on AI initiatives and opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Borderplex region. The future is here, and it’s powered by AI.

AI Generate Your Startup Idea

At the STTE Foundation, a leader in EdTech innovation, we’re thrilled to introduce the latest evolution of This platform stands out as the world’s first youth-focused entrepreneurship education tool, uniquely designed to transform ideas into reality through our advanced AI-powered business model canvas. Join us in shaping the future of entrepreneurial education.

STTE Ventures 2024 Report

Welcome to the STTE Ventures Impact Report, a detailed narrative of our journey, achievements, and the significant impact we’ve made in the startup ecosystem. This report is not just a collection of numbers and statistics; it’s a story of innovation, growth, and economic transformation. As you explore these pages, you’ll gain valuable insights into the processes, successes, and overall economic contributions of our program.

This report is a reflection of our commitment, showcasing:

  1. The Program Process: Delve into the unique approach of STTE Ventures, where mentorship, resources, and community support come together to guide startups from their nascent stages to market success.

  2. Startup Performance Highlights: Discover the remarkable achievements of our startups. This year, we identified 12 new customer segments, a testament to our program’s ability to uncover and capitalize on market opportunities.

  3. Fundraising and Revenue: Our startups collectively fundraised $855 million, demonstrating the confidence of investors in our vision and approach. Additionally, we achieved $150 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), underscoring the sustainable and growing nature of our ventures.

  4. Job Creation and Economic Impact: The creation of 19 new jobs is a direct indicator of our program’s positive influence on employment. More so, our startups have generated a staggering $1.6 million in economic impact

In conclusion, it’s with immense pride we announce that the STTE Ventures program has achieved a remarkable 13X economic return. This figure not only represents our financial success but also the broader economic benefit we bring to communities and in


Día de Los Muertos Recap

Read about the winning Dia de Los Muertos startups and their groundbreaking innovations that are about to change the industry. Meet the leading VCs and angel investors ready to support the next big venture. Learn about the excitement of the STTE’s First-Ever Southwest Collegiate Cup. Witness college teams in action as seven southwest startups send their best and brightest to vie for the coveted startup cup. 

As the marigolds continue to bloom and the entrepreneurial energy soars, we are excited to share the highlights of the Dia de Los Muertos Startup Competition, which unfolded as a spectacular celebration of groundbreaking ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

The return of the Dia de Los Muertos Startup Conference was a success as participants from all over the nation came to the border and celebrated the entrepreneurial journey! The two-day event was filled with entrepreneurs showcasing their innovations to a wide range of venture capitalists, angel investors, and more! Amid all the rivalry, participants had opportunities to take advantage of the many diverse panels and workshops and the many chances to network.

A special thanks to the supportive spirit 💀 from all our sponsors. Their belief and support are the magic that makes all of this possible.

Building a Future STEAM Workforce

On February 18, 2023, Insights Science Discovery and the Success Through Technology Education (STTE) Foundation hosted the Insights’ Sun Country Regional Science and Engineering Fair at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

Thanks to the support from our sponsors, we were able to host a successful event that provided an opportunity for over 1,000 student competitors with 286 finalists from 89 schools across eight school districts to showcase their scientific knowledge and skills. We are also providing $6,000 in STEAM scholarships to deserving students, which will go a long way in helping them pursue their education and career goals.

AR Science Fair

AR Science Fair: Climate Change Solutions

Both science and technology are at the intersection of global competitiveness and the existence of humanity. COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of new technologies faster than at any point in history. A virtual learning gap has been highlighted during this crisis and must be addressed for our students to succeed. Equally as important, never in history, as demonstrated during the pandemic, have trust and understanding in science been more critical. How we prepare and engage the next generation to choose STEM and technology pathways is critical to the future success of our workforce and employers in professional disciplines of national priority.

STTE and Insights Science Discovery are offering the Augmented Reality Science Fair (ARSF), a first-of-its-kind model that complements the traditional science fair by introducing augmented reality to student research and innovations. 

Statistics confirm students remember 90% of the material if it is learned through experience. According to VR in Education Report, Learning Gain and Motivation are two critical areas Augmented Reality enhances. Studies stated that, when using AR systems, students improve their academic performance and feel more motivated by AR applications compared to other pedagogical tools.

STTE is designing our next interactive science fair book to educate students about climate change solutions. The book will feature immersive augmented reality student projects, youtube news, and fun quizzes.

Stories That Will Make You SayWhat?!

STTE created, a teen-based news program launched online during the pandemic. The platform and its various segments feature news related to education, innovation, tech, entrepreneurship, culture, and other topics that are of interest to youth. 

More importantly, it also follows a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) format that’s reflective of a process where youth learn to better understand their emotions in order to make positive and responsible decisions. It’s especially crucial today as CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) data has revealed concerning details regarding youth, depression, and suicide. This includes 34% of Texas high school students reporting feelings of sadness or hopelessness on a daily basis and 12% attempting suicide.

The STTE Foundation would like to partner with school districts to provide content and its SEL-based programming and instructional materials for educators as a part of its educational-based efforts.

LatinX EdTech Summit: Bridging the Digital Divide

STTE Foundation, EduLab Capital Partners, and CREEED hosted a half-day intersection of STEAM exploration, education celebration, and action creation as it relates to education technology. LatinX Edtech Summit connects leading national EdTech companies, teachers, and education leaders of influence to develop sustainable and resilient solutions that generate “Action.” LatinX EdTech Summit will Impact:

  • Provide rural areas and small to midsize school districts with options for accessibility to cutting edge technologies
  • Advance underserved Hispanic populations
  • Attract emerging Edtech leaders to the border region and demonstrate how to better serve the Hispanic markets
  • Recognition opportunity for teachers through awards mechanism

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