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Learn more about the winning Dia de Los Muertos startups and their groundbreaking innovations that are about to change the industry. Meet the leading VCs and angel investors ready to support the next big venture. Learn about the excitement of the STTE’s First-Ever Southwest Collegiate Cup. Witness college teams in action as seven southwest startups send their best and brightest to vie for the coveted startup cup. We also share our economic impact report from our STTE Ventures program, showcasing a 12X economic return! Let’s go!

As the marigolds continue to bloom and the entrepreneurial energy soars, we are excited to share the highlights of the Dia de Los Muertos Startup Competition, which unfolded as a spectacular celebration of groundbreaking ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

The return of the Dia de Los Muertos Startup Conference was a success as participants from all over the nation came to the border and celebrated the entrepreneurial journey! The two-day event was filled with entrepreneurs showcasing their innovations to a wide range of venture capitalists, angel investors, and more! Amid all the rivalry, participants had opportunities to take advantage of the many diverse panels and workshops and the many chances to network.

A special thanks to the supportive spirit from all our sponsors. Their belief and support are the magic that makes all of this possible.

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