Ventures Impact

Introduction to the STTE Ventures Impact Report

Welcome to the STTE Ventures Impact Report, a detailed narrative of our journey, achievements, and the significant impact we’ve made in the startup ecosystem. This report is not just a collection of numbers and statistics; it’s a story of innovation, growth, and economic transformation. As you explore these pages, you’ll gain valuable insights into the processes, successes, and overall economic contributions of our program.

At STTE Ventures, we pride ourselves on fostering innovative ideas and turning them into thriving businesses. This report is a reflection of our commitment, showcasing:

  1. The Program Process: Delve into the unique approach of STTE Ventures, where mentorship, resources, and community support come together to guide startups from their nascent stages to market success.

  2. Startup Performance Highlights: Discover the remarkable achievements of our startups. This year, we identified 12 new customer segments, a testament to our program’s ability to uncover and capitalize on market opportunities.

  3. Fundraising and Revenue: Our startups collectively fundraised $855 million, demonstrating the confidence of investors in our vision and approach. Additionally, we achieved $150 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), underscoring the sustainable and growing nature of our ventures.

  4. Job Creation and Economic Impact: The creation of 19 new jobs is a direct indicator of our program’s positive influence on employment. More so, our startups have generated a staggering $1.6 million in economic impact.

  5. Testimonials: Hear from the entrepreneurs and partners who have been integral to our journey. Their stories and experiences offer a genuine perspective on the value and impact of STTE Ventures.

As you immerse yourself in this report, we hope to spark your interest and inspire you to learn more about STTE Ventures. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or an enthusiast of innovation and economic growth, this report has something for everyone.

In conclusion, it’s with immense pride we announce that the STTE Ventures program has achieved a remarkable 13X economic return. This figure not only represents our financial success but also the broader economic benefit we bring to communities and industries.

Join us in celebrating the success of our startups and the positive ripple effect they have created. Welcome to the STTE Ventures Impact Report.

Venture Snapshots

Founded by Marco Vallejo, Jaquan Bryant and Ian Love, Aizenflow helps trucking companies operate quickly by providing expedited freight quotes. Their streamlined, intuitive quoting software enables firms to enhance their deal-winning rates using integrated AI and machine learning.

Founded by Roland Rios, Seide is a platform that functions as a one-stop shop for water softener servicing solutions. Seide is building an IoT platform to service water softener units.

Founded by Jack Loveridge, Panoculum is a photo-sharing platform that helps its users meaningfully engage with the pictures they have taken. Users can share the stories behind personal photos through oral storytelling on a customized feed supported by AI insights.

Founded by Hunt Burdick and Richie Hatch, Squadpilot seeks to improve organizational efficiency across sectors using an AI model that eliminates the need for a thick management layer. Through its use, team members will be empowered to work both autonomously and creatively.

Founded by Diego Fogle, VeraTech aims to detect skin and oral diseases at an early stage. This is done by bringing human-centered design into the creation and development of medical devices in the women’s health space. With the input of patients and clinicians alike, VeraTech strives to keep every end-user’s needs in mind when producing products.

Measurements, Outcomes and Impact

STTE Ventures Impact Report