Big Announcement!

Insights Science Discovery and Success Through Technology Education (STTE), two of El Paso’s leading STEAM education non-profits, have partnered to revamp and enhance student experiences with a new engaging Science Fair. Enhancements include scholarships, swag giveaways, cash prizes, a virtual, augmented reality capstone book, and travel support to the International Science and Engineering Fair competition.

Insights Science Discovery

Apply to win an El Paso Electric STEAM Scholarship

El Paso Electric STEAM Scholarships

There are three ways to enter and win $250, $500 or $1,000.

Open to all Region 19 Middle or high school grade levels. Students applying must use your 2022-2023 Science Fair Project and provide your Scienteer username to enter. Scholarships will be awarded per team project. Apply by selecting the “Apply” button.


Send in a 30-60 second pitch video explaining your science fair project. Scoring is based on “Creatively” presenting your research and hypothesis. Have fun with images, graphs, and music. You can use:

Youtube Short Video. (


Digitize your science fair project board. Scoring will be based on how well you design an interactive experience. Have fun with moving text. You can use:

MURAL ( or
Visme (

Both applications offer free accounts.


Create a scene or element from your science fair project in augmented reality. Extra points will be rewarded that demonstrate a climate change solution. Winners may also be displayed at La Nube, El Paso’s Interactive STEAM Center and in AR Climate Change Book in 2023!

You can use:

Assemblr ( or (

Both applications offer free accounts.

Apply by February 15, 2023

Winners will be announced March 1, 2023

Advancing STEAM in the Region

What's New

Winners Featured in La Nube

The top student STEAM projects will be featured in La Nube, El Paso’s new interactive STEAM center for the community to exhibit the power of science.

STEAM Scholarships

Students can compete for a STEAM scholarship in one of three ways. 1. Pitch science fair project in a 60 second video; 2. Present your science fair board in an interactive way; 3. Make project 3D (augmented reality).

Interested in Joining the Science Fair

Here's How to Compete


Compete and win in your District


Register at Scienteer if advancing to ISEF


Held in Dallas, Texas

Sign Up Now

Register your school to compete by signing up at Scienceteer, designed to guide students, teachers and fair directors through
the required steps to comply with the Intel ISEF competitions.


Simply follow steps and answer questions. All required forms are automatically selected and filled out. The Research Plan is automatically written and formatted. The system guides students in getting signatures electronically online or by using a signature pad on their smart phone/mobile devices!


Easily track your students online, jump into their screens and help them if needed, manage your school fair and electronically submit your winners to the higher fair. No more faxing, mailing, or email your students’ forms. Track your entire class through the entire fair process all the way to ISEF. Best of all, no more stacks of project forms!

Helpful Resources

To guide you and build your science fair projects.

Need a Little Extra Help...

Opportunities for middle & high school students to discuss, improve, and plan their 2022-2023 science fair projects.

Our main goal in implementing this mentorship model is to provide equitable and informed access to all students within the El Paso region as they prepare for their science fairs.

We are offering two Saturdays in November as Mentor Mornings for any and all students interested in furthering their science fair ideas, questions, and proposals.

We will also complement these SF Mentorship opportunities with two Virtual Mentor Evenings that will serve the same purpose as the in-person mentor sessions.

Districts Competing

  • Clint ISD
  • SISD
  • YISD
  • Burnhamwood Charter
  • Catholic Diocese
  • Harmony Science
  • Radford School

Want to be part of the Science Fair?

Be a Volunteer?

Want to Support

Please read through our partnership guide and contact us if you would like to team up to support the region's premier STEAM Fair!