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On February 18, 2023, Insights Science Discovery and the Success Through Technology Education (STTE) Foundation hosted the Insights’ Sun Country Regional Science and Engineering Fair at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). This year, over 300 middle and high school students from districts around the city are participated in the regional science fair. The winners of the 2023 fair will advance to the Texas state fair and the international science fair held in Dallas, TX, in May 2023. The new additions to the science fair included $6,000 in scholarships awarded to the top-performing students, as well as cool swag for student competitors. 

According to recent statistics, over 7 million students in the United States participate in science fairs each year. Science fairs have become so popular that they are now being held not only in schools but also in science centers, museums, and other community-based organizations. Science fairs provide students with a hands-on approach to science education, engaging them in a way that traditional classroom learning cannot. Furthermore, science fairs encourage collaboration, teamwork, and mentorship opportunities, as students often work together with their peers or receive guidance from teachers and experts in the field.

For more information or if you would like to sponsor next years Insights Sun Country Regional Science and Engineering Fair, please contact Insights Science Discovery at (915) 534-0000 or visit their website at

Congrats to all the Student Winners and teachers of The Sun Country Regional Science and Engineering Fair by Insights Science Discovery and STTE!!!

Animal Sciences2Lucas MedinaEl Paso ISDCaroline Whitworth
Animal Sciences1Ysabella EnriquezClint Independent School DistrictLizeth Reyes
Animal Sciences2Fernanda Balcorta, Mia MendozaYsleta ISDSarah Welsh
Animal Sciences1Emmanuel Delgado, Thomas Harman, Matthew EstradaSocorro ISDCrystal Avila
Behavioral and Social Sciences2Madison MillerEl Paso ISDLuis Diaz
Behavioral and Social Sciences1Malachi ValenzuelaSocorro ISDChristine Duran
Behavioral and Social Sciences1Aina Marzia, Marium ZahraEl Paso ISDAaron Luna, Fidel Renteria
Behavioral and Social Sciences2Sondos Tarkhan, Ana Arvizu MoralesHarmony Science AcademyAnais Vazquez
Biochemistry1Jaslene SalazarSocorro ISDKerry Mildon
Biochemistry2Xander JohnsonYsleta ISDAmanda Westbrook
Biochemistry2Chelsea Mgbokwere, Alexa MartinezSocorro ISDAntonio Castruita
Biochemistry1Daisy Corralejo, AnaSofia Chavarria, Kimora BishopYsleta ISDSarah Welsh
Biomedical And Health Sciences1Vianey ValtierraSocorro ISDAlejandro Lobera
Biomedical And Health Sciences2Raul ArredondoYsleta ISDRaul Castillo
Biomedical And Health Sciences2Erin CadenaSocorro ISDMartha Juarez
Biomedical And Health Sciences1Gabriella GonzalezYsleta ISDSarah Welsh
Biomedical Engineering1Daniela Chacon, Mia SenclairSocorro ISDAlejandro Lobera, MaryJo Chacon
Biomedical Engineering2Ethan GoveaSocorro ISDMargarita Salas
Biomedical Engineering2Elle-Paris AvitiaSocorro ISDCraig Peters
Biomedical Engineering1Aaron MendezSocorro ISDRobert Casao
Cellular And Molecular Biology1Zoe OrnelasSocorro ISDLily Ramirez
Cellular And Molecular Biology2Abigail PorrasHarmony Science AcademyPerla Aguilera
Cellular And Molecular Biology1Jayla KaminskiSocorro ISDCraig Peters
Cellular And Molecular Biology2Aubrey Gabaldon, Daniela RubioSocorro ISDCynthia Hernandez
Chemistry2Victoria Abarca, Rylie LieberwirthYsleta ISDAnna Drewes
Chemistry1Aurora ShindoYsleta ISDDaniel Evans
Chemistry2Barbara Sandoval, Zada-Caresse PomeleSocorro ISDJavier Rios
Chemistry1Sofia DurandPrivate SchoolVicki Landersman
Computational Biology And Bioinformatics1Christen MgbokwereSocorro ISDMaryJo Chacon
Computational Biology And Bioinformatics2Joaquin GironSocorro ISDAlexandra Gaona
Computational Biology And Bioinformatics1Jennifer RamirezSocorro ISDJavier Rios
Computational Biology And Bioinformatics2Luzceleste Delgadillo, Joseline CastanedaClint Independent School DistrictSarahi Hardy
Earth And Environmental Sciences1Alana DornerYsleta ISDAnna Drewes
Earth And Environmental Sciences2Rebecca PerezSocorro ISDAdrian Carbajal
Earth And Environmental Sciences1Zoe BrooksSocorro ISDRosa Harding
Earth And Environmental Sciences2Andrea Gutierrez, Diego PorrasHarmony Science AcademyAnais Vazquez
Embedded Systems1Timothy DubruleSocorro ISDMaryJo Chacon
Embedded Systems2Nathan VelizSocorro ISDAbel Faudoa
Embedded Systems2Hannah AyalaClint Independent School DistrictAlexandra Falcon
Embedded Systems1Rodrigo ValdesHarmony Science AcademyAnais Vazquez
Energy: Sustainable Materials & Design1Isabella ShielEl Paso ISDCynthia Valdespino
Energy: Sustainable Materials & Design2Zamaria ColonSocorro ISDElizabeth Gonzalez
Energy: Sustainable Materials & Design2Pamela Pina, Paulina HernandezSocorro ISDAntonio Castruita, Edgar Alvarez
Energy: Sustainable Materials & Design1Reina GallegosClint Independent School DistrictAlexandra Falcon
Engineering Technology: Statics And Dynamics1Arturo FongSocorro ISDDiana Borman
Engineering Technology: Statics And Dynamics2Ian HernandezClint Independent School DistrictJimmy Martinez
Engineering Technology: Statics And Dynamics1Jerri-Leah Talamantes, Jaden RuizSocorro ISDJavier Rios
Engineering Technology: Statics And Dynamics2Nicole FonsecaSocorro ISDAntonio Castruita
Environmental Engineering2Maegan LaySocorro ISDMaryJo Chacon
Environmental Engineering1Gwen RodriguezHarmony Science AcademyMeltem Yilmaz
Environmental Engineering2Vaeda SmithSocorro ISDCarlye Flores
Environmental Engineering1Anabel VillarrealSocorro ISDRebecca Jimenez
Materials Science1Diego DiazSocorro ISDMaryJo Chacon
Materials Science2Cameron Gemoets-JohnsonYsleta ISDDaniela Olivares
Materials Science1Ryan Miner, Niecya WindhamSocorro ISDJesus Tapia
Materials Science1Samuel FierroEl Paso Home School Science FairBrenda Fierro
Mathematics1Ian Flores, Alejandro FernandezSocorro ISDAdriann Vasquez, Nicole Ortega
Mathematics2Kassandra Huerta-BecerraSocorro ISDRhiannon Dennis
Mathematics1Diego SifuentesSocorro ISDCarlye Flores
Mathematics2Jose AlcalaSocorro ISDCraig Peters
Microbiology1Edgar RomeroSocorro ISDRonald Harding
Microbiology2Olivia HernandezPrivate SchoolCarlotta Navarrette
Microbiology2Paola EstradaSocorro ISDElizabeth Jacobo
Microbiology1Uriel MartinezHarmony Science AcademyValeria Garduno
Physics And Astronomy2Aubrey CameronSocorro ISDElizabeth Gonzalez
Physics And Astronomy1Eduardo DuranSocorro ISDRonald Harding
Physics And Astronomy2Andrea AlvidresPrivate SchoolVicki Landersman
Physics And Astronomy1Galilea RodriguezHarmony Science AcademyAnais Vazquez
Plant Sciences2Skyler ThompsonSocorro ISDKerry Mildon
Plant Sciences1Natalia ParkerEl Paso ISDMary Djebrane
Plant Sciences2Mia Alvidrez-BarronYsleta ISDSarah Welsh
Plant Sciences1Janeth Zarate, Mia Arellano, Ivana AlvaradoSocorro ISDCrystal Avila
Robotics And Intelligent Machines1Sheneli De SilvaEl Paso ISDGustavo Hernandez
Robotics And Intelligent Machines2Abel AlvaradoClint Independent School DistrictCesar Villanueva
Robotics And Intelligent Machines2David Patterson, Hana Mather, Zachary WinninghamYsleta ISDMaura Moreno
Robotics And Intelligent Machines1Victoria MascorroYsleta ISDSarah Welsh
Systems Software1Santiago GalindoSocorro ISDKerry Mildon
Systems Software1Hope CanonizadoSocorro ISDMaria Wilson
Systems Software2Bryce HofmeyerEl Paso Educative InitiativeLindsey Moore
Systems Software1Carlos YanezSocorro ISDMartha Juarez
Translational Medical Science2Vianney RamirezSocorro ISDLily Ramirez
Translational Medical Science1Dayanara SalidoClint Independent School DistrictCesar Villanueva
Translational Medical Science2Toni GonzalezSocorro ISDRaul DeLaRosa
Translational Medical Science1Heidi HouckEl Paso ISDDavid Esparza

What's New

Winners Featured in La Nube

The top student STEAM projects will be featured in La Nube, El Paso’s new interactive STEAM center for the community to exhibit the power of science.

STEAM Scholarships

Students can compete for a STEAM scholarship in one of three ways. 1. Pitch science fair project in a 60 second video; 2. Present your science fair board in an interactive way; 3. Make project 3D (augmented reality).

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