STTE Ventures

A process and result-driven approach to building startups and driving economic impact in the region.

Consistent with STTE’s mission and the efforts of other community members working to create an innovative environment that nurtures entrepreneurs and creative problem solvers in El Paso, STTE will assist 20 local start-ups over four years that require support and training to develop their idea into a viable, market-ready start-up. STTE’s methodology will focus on five foundational pillars; People, Place, Partners, Program, and Pitches.

We seek to leverage a proven model to motivate entrepreneurs, bring in best-in-class relationships with investors, mentors, and partners to attain accelerated growth. Consequently, successful participants will likely beget local investment, new opportunities, and employment in the region. STTE proud to partner with the City of El Paso Economic Development, Inicio Ventures and other entrepreneurial ecosystem building partners and provide start-ups with access to subject matter experts, other entrepreneurs, and industry leaders, who will be able to workshop new ideas with emerging entrepreneurs, strengthening El Paso’s startup community by increasing the number of thriving local businesses and entrepreneurs.

STTE Ventures Announces The Next Exciting New Startups

The STTE Ventures program is hitting new strides in scaling six new innovations. With a robust support system tailored for entrepreneurial success, the STTE Ventures program is excited to announce promising entrepreneurs ready to make significant impacts in their industries. Here’s a glimpse into the six dynamic ventures poised to transform their respective fields:

  1. Aurum – At the forefront of agricultural technology, Aurum is revolutionizing farming with its biochar-based product designed to enhance soil health by promoting a robust soil microbiome. This innovation represents a leap toward sustainable agriculture practices that could benefit ecosystems.
  2. Chuco Relic LLC – Celebrating and amplifying Latino culture, Chuco Relic LLC crafts unique consumer products that resonate deeply within Latino communities and beyond. Their brand story and products serve as a bridge between cultural heritage and modern expression.
  3. Health Tag – Addressing critical health concerns related to everyday products, Health Tag has developed a rapid test kit that assesses fabric toxicity. This tool is essential for consumers and industries aiming to maintain high safety standards and transparency in product compositions.
  4. Jale App – Streamlining operations in the construction industry, Jale App serves as a connecting platform for various market stakeholders. It simplifies transactions and networking, enhancing efficiency and opening new business avenues within the sector.
  5. PCG Concrete – Innovating in the construction arena, PCG Concrete utilizes 3D printing technology to create structures from concrete. This method not only speeds up the building process but also reduces waste, offering a greener alternative to traditional construction techniques.
  6. TriSum Saunas, LLC – Providing wellness solutions, TriSum Saunas, LLC specializes in custom-designed mobile and stationary saunas and ice baths. Their offerings cater to a growing interest in health and wellness, particularly among those seeking personalized therapeutic experiences.

Each of these ventures represents STTE’s and The City of El Paso Economic Development commitment to fostering innovation that meets the needs of today’s market while addressing broader social, cultural, and environmental challenges.

STTE Ventures will be a four-year program that assists startups through a three phase journey focusing on five foundational pillars of People, Place, Partners, Program, and Pitches. During the program, startups will collaborate in an entrepreneurial ecosystem that features the industry leading business model canvas, high-tech sprint and culminates with an access to capital pitch event. Startups’ success will be measured on their ability to identify new customer segments, increase users, access venture capital, increase revenue and grow contractor/staff.

  • Access to pitch at Dia De Los Muertos 
  • Up to $5k in-house resources
  • Sprint accelerator 
  • Community of other startups
  • Identify new customer segments
  • Increase users 
  • Increase revenue
  • Gain access to capital opportunities 
  • Grow your team

Ventures Year One Report

This eligibility criteria aims to ensure that the startups entering the STTE Ventures program are well-positioned to benefit from the resources and opportunities provided, and are aligned with our mission of fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem in the El Paso region.

  1. Incorporation: The startup must be a legally incorporated entity in the U.S., with appropriate documentation to verify its status.
  2. Location: The startup must be based with the majority of the founding team in the El Paso region. We prioritize supporting and nurturing our local entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  3. Stage of Development: The startup should be beyond the ideation stage, with a minimum viable product (MVP) or prototype in the works. This allows us to better assist with growth and scaling strategies.
  4. Industry: The startup can be from any industry with a connection to the Borderplex region but should have a clear technology or innovation aspect to its business model or product/service. This is to align with our focus on tech and innovative businesses locally. 
  5. Commitment: The team must demonstrate a full-time commitment to the startup and participate in STTE Ventures programming. This is essential to make the most of the resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities provided in the program.
  6. Team: The startup should have one founder with an emphasis to expand co-founding team. We’ve found that solo founders can face significant challenges in scaling their startups, and having a co-founder provides additional support and resilience.
  7. Market Potential: The startup should target a significant market opportunity, with potential for high growth.
  8. Revenue Model: The startup must have a clear and plausible revenue model. This ensures the startup has a sound business plan and is more likely to achieve financial sustainability.
  9. Social Impact: While not mandatory, startups that demonstrate a potential for positive social impact in the El Paso region will be given special consideration.
  10. Legal Compliance: The startup must be in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, and should not be involved in any legal disputes.

Selection Process

The selection process for the STTE Ventures program is designed to identify the most promising startups with the greatest potential to scale nationally. Here is how it works:

  1. Application Review: After the application deadline, our team will compile and review all applications. We consider a range of factors, including the potential for scale, level of traction, strength of the team, and alignment with our program’s objectives.
  2. Prioritization: In this phase, we prioritize startups that show significant potential for scale and have demonstrated tangible traction in their markets. We’re looking for startups that have a strong foundation and are ready to take their growth to the next level.
  3. Council Review: The prioritized applications are then presented to our Startup Council, a group of experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. They provide additional insights and perspectives, helping to ensure a balanced and comprehensive evaluation process.
  4. Selection: Based on the application review and Council recommendations, we then select the top five startups to join our program each year. This selection reflects our confidence in these startups’ potential to succeed and make a significant impact in their respective fields.


Our selection process is both rigorous and supportive, designed to ensure that the startups that join our program are those best positioned to benefit from the resources, mentorship, and opportunities we provide.

STTE is a vibrant coworking space that brings together some of the most innovative and exciting startups in El Paso. As a premier startup community hub, STTE offers state-of-the-art technology equipment and a futuristic interior design decor to create an atmosphere that is truly inspiring and forward-thinking. Currently, STTE is home to a diverse and talented group of members who are working tirelessly on social innovations that can scale and have a positive impact on the world. Some of our standout members include Parabeac, InternBytes, Innovare, Squadpiolot, Aizen, ThyroidHQ, Panoculum and Acemate, among others. Located conveniently across from the University of Texas at El Paso, at 2601 N. Stanton St., Ste A, El Paso, TX 79902, STTE is the perfect place to work, collaborate, and make connections that will help you take your startup to the next level.

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