About Us.

Our Mission

Discover, develop and deploy entrepreneurship and technology education content for middle school, high school, and college students to support a thriving entrepreneurial culture in the Borderplex region.

Our Strategic Goals

  • 1. 100% Digital literacy for youth by 2030
  • 2. Increase Percentage of students going into STEAM Fields
  • 3. Entrepreneurship: Number of participants in Innoventure, TechStars, STEAMX


News for Teens

In August 2020, STTE launched SayWhat.tv, a news media platform created to engage and help improve the mental health of teens through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) content.

Statistics show in this digital era, teens, in particular, opt for social platforms as their primary source for authoritative news. Through SayWhat.tv, STTE creatively designed a solution that provides school systems the necessary SEL content and inspire teens with positive educational information. 

Further, we intend to promote project-based learning programs like robotics, AR Science Fair and Unicorn Teens to a direct segment of teens thus helping increase participation and impact. 

STTE produces all our content in 4K with subject matter from e-trading, life sciences, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, social influencers, space, E-sports, and STEAM.

You can view all our content by visiting SayWhat.tv


Unicorn Academy

STTE designed Unicorn Teens; the first-ever augmented reality business model canvas virtual workshops. Unicorn Teens is a highly effective immersive learning experience that introduces and builds youth confidence to launch their startup journey.

Summer Camps

Pitch Competition

Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos is our effort to bring startups together, network, and gain access to capital. We are planning another pitch competition in November 2021. If you are a startup and raising funding, please consider signing up and pitching!


STEAM Fields


ARSF digitizes the science fair process by allowing students to submit projects electronically at (ARSciencefair.com) and display AR projects via an app. ARSF provides a platform that allows students to showcase a new wave of tech innovations with the ability to extend projects remotely, thus helping students assess their strategies’ real-time implications.