About LatinXPV

LatinXPV is an STTE program that assists ten LatinX startups, through an incremental journey focusing on five foundational pillars of People, Place, Partners, Program, and Pitches. During the program, startups will collaborate in two, five-startup cohorts in an entrepreneurial ecosystem that features a business model, sprint and pitches. 


STTE is partnering with New Mexico State University Arrowhead Center to deploy a LatinX Sprint that will assist startups with a sprint that focuses on pivoting business models to address challenges presented by COVID-19 (e.g. bringing business online, considering new markets and customers, solidifying brand identity, etc.). The six-week, virtual accelerator (meet once per week) to include the following topics; Product/business uniqueness; customers and competition; product/market fit; pivots and tailoring your product/business; online branding, marketing, and social media; funding;  

STTE will offer support to startups for technology equipment, programmer hours, financial & legal services. (e.g. purchasing of laptops, reimbursement of developer hours, appropriate software, marketing services, accounting services and legal services). 

Startups success will be measured on their ability to identify new customer segments, increase revenue and grow staff.


For more information, please contact Adriana Sudimack

Program Sponsor