Borderland AI

STTE Foundation and Microsoft Showcase Innovation at Borderland AI Demo Day

Discover how AI is transforming the Southwest as startups and tech innovators converge to advance local talent and industry.

El Paso, TX — April 25, 2024  The STTE Foundation, in collaboration with Microsoft, proudly announces the upcoming Demo Day for the Borderland Open AI Hackathon series. This pivotal event highlights the commitment of both organizations to transforming the region by integrating AI technology into local businesses, developing industry-specific products, and advancing regional talent.

This year’s hackathon is driven by three core objectives: 1) Advancing regional talent by providing hands-on experience with cutting-edge AI technologies, 2) Building industry products that address local and global market needs, and 3) Transforming the region by incorporating AI technology into local businesses to foster a new era of economic and technological growth.

Join STTE and Microsoft on Sunday, April 28, 2024, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM MST at Microsoft’s Innovation Hub at 500 W. Overland, Suite 210, 79901, to witness firsthand the innovative solutions that embody these objectives. This year’s Demo Day will showcase projects that exemplify how AI can drive significant advancements in the Education, Life Sciences, and Community Impact sectors. 

Following last year’s hackathon, which produced 10 working prototypes and raised $1.7 million, startups like AizenFlow have made substantial strides, raising additional funds and gaining recognition by industry leaders. These successes illustrate the potent impact of the hackathon on participants and their ventures, aligning with the goals of advancing talent and integrating AI in regional industries.

STTE Open AI Hackathon Report

JJ Childress, Community Engagement Manager at Microsoft, highlighted the strategic goals of the partnership, “Our continued collaboration with STTE Foundation is vital for advancing local talent and integrating innovative technologies within regional industries.” 

Joseph Sapien, Executive Director of the STTE Foundation, added, “At STTE, we leverage Open AI through hackathons to not only accelerate startup formation but also to collaborate closely with industry leaders and educational institutions. Our unique model is designed to tackle real-world challenges, creating scalable solutions that can significantly make an impact economically.”

STTE invites business leaders, and technology enthusiasts to join them at Demo Day to witness the potential of AI and meet the innovators who are driving this transformation. To learn more, visit and be part of this change.

The STTE Foundation is committed to enhancing STEM education and leveraging technology to prepare the Borderplex region for future challenges. Microsoft’s ongoing support emphasizes its dedication to fostering innovation and empowering communities with advanced technological tools.

As they look forward to Demo Day, the STTE Foundation and Microsoft are eager to highlight the achievements and future opportunities that these hackathons bring to the Southwest, aligning with their goals to develop talent, build industry-leading products, and transform local businesses through AI.